Career information session - fitness for firefighting

Career Information Session - Fitness for Firefighting

Session Objective

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) is committed to improving the recruitment of a diverse range of firefighters into the MFS, to ensure a more accurate representation of the community served. Having a diverse workforce brings people with different skills, knowledge and insights. These different views and backgrounds make for better decision-making, and in the MFS good decisions need to be made quickly. This translates into better outcomes during emergency situations.

Being a firefighter requires more than fitness and strength, but these are often seen as stumbling blocks for many to achieve success in the recruitment process. MFS Fitness for Firefighting session provides an insight into the fitness and strength required to become a firefighter, and an opportunity for participants to ask questions and inform themselves about what a career in the MFS would be like.

Session Plan

An MFS Firefighter will attend and run the session. MFS will supply all the equipment needed for the session. A grassed oval is preferred however this session can also be done in a gym setting. Assistance from school/club personnel is required for set up. The MFS presenter will liaise with you prior to the day in order to ensure preparedness for the session.

Below is a link to an MFS video demonstrating the physical tests. Please review these and confirm with the Presenter the suitability of these activities for your group. Tasks deemed not suitable can be removed.

The session starts with a brief introduction, followed by a walk-through of all the tasks. Any injuries or prior conditions that may put a participant at risk must be disclosed prior to participation. While all possible care is taken, the MFS can not be held responsible for any injuries sustained to participants.

The session begins with the Beep test. If the group is larger than 12, it will be split into two and both sessions will run simultaneously.

All participants will have an opportunity to run through all tasks. At the conclusion of this, a question and answer session focusing on a career as an MFS Firefighter is held.

Pamphlets and further information will be supplied.

What can you do with your team prior to this session?

MFS has prepared two videos demonstrating the Physical Activity Tests (PAT) 1 and 2, which applicants will need to successfully complete during the recruitment process. It is recommended that your group view the video on the PAT 1 and PAT 2 tests ahead of the session. Discuss with your group how technique can help to achieve similar or even better results if strength is lacking.

To achieve the greatest benefit from this session, it is highly recommended that your attendees come prepared with any questions they may have for the Presenter.


Download a PDF English version of this information. (434KB)