O'Halloran Hill Station

O'Halloran Hill Fire Station is staffed by 20 full-time firefighters providing prevention and community preparedness, operational preparedness, emergency response and community recovery services 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

O'Halloran Hill Fire Station has a Heavy Duty Urban Pumper with 3,800 litres per minute pumping capacity staffed by an Officer and three Firefighters.

Average response time for O'Halloran Hill is 8.33 minutes.

The MFS has a 40-year station and a 15-year appliance replacement or refurbishment program. 

MFS Station Photo - O'Halloran Hill


O'Halloran Hill Fire Station was opened by the Hon D W Simmons MP, Chief Secretary on 17 March 1978.


O'Halloran Hill Fire Station
Majors Road

In an emergency phone: 000
For administrative enquiries please phone: 8204 3600