A Message from the Chief Officer

MFS Image - CO M Morgan webWelcome to the Metropolitan Fire Service's (MFS) website.

I'm proud to have accepted the appointment as Chief Officer of the MFS in July 2018.

My appointment brings with it the opportunity to continue the great work of our fire service and its personnel that has continued since the organisation was enacted by legislation on 5 November 1862, more than 155 years ago.

Today's fire service is a modern and progressive organisation with more than 1,000 personnel across 36 stations (20 metropolitan and 16 regional).

Our original firefighters contended with a very different world. Back then, fires were responded to by way of horse and cart, usually with a loyal dog - known as a ratter - clearing the path ahead.

Over the years, the MFS has seen immense change and development which has led to a safer community and safer firefighting practices.

MFS firefighters lead the way in responding to structure fires, hazardous materials incidents, road crashes, rescues, storm damage, flooding and bushfires. Our personnel receive comprehensive training, personal protective clothing and equipment, and state-of-the-art fire appliances to assist them with their work.

The MFS provides a wide range of services to the community such as the State 000 (Triple Zero) Fire and Emergency Call Centre, Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), the Juvenile Firelighters Intervention Program (JFLIP), Road Awareness Program (RAP) and home fire and life safety education.

Through our key response principles of Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery (PPRR), the MFS seeks to contribute to a safer community that has the resilience to withstand and recover from emergencies.