Public Notices

Public Notices

2014-12-05 Closure issued to:

Junction Markets

96 Grand Junction Road, Kilburn on the 5th December, 2014..

A Closure Order has been issued to the premises known as 'Junction Markets' due to a failure to maintain the Essential Safety Provisions within the building.

These works include, but are not limited to the following:

  • No water supply for the onsite hydrants
  • Lack of clearly defined exit paths with locked or blocked exits
  • No maintenance in accordance with Australian Standards 1851 to all the Essential Safety Provisions within the building, which includes:
    1. Hose reels
    2. Exit signs
    3. Emergency lighting
    4. Sprinkler systems
    5. Extinguishers
  • Excessive fire load (furniture storage) without adequate fire protection

This notice will be in force from the 5th of December 2014 until the repairs and maintenance needed to be undertaken are completed to the satisfaction of the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service.

A closure order has been placed on the Junction Markets site by the Metropolitan Fire Service. The order was placed for multiple failings by the site in meeting safety standards.



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