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Hazardous Chemicals Storage

Do you have a site with a notifiable quantity of hazardous chemicals? (Notifiable quantity in relation to notifying Safework SA).

If you do, then you are required to create an emergency plan and submit a copy to the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) or South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS).

The South Australian Work Health and Safety Regulators (WHS Reg), requires employers, controllers of premises, occupiers of Dangerous Goods sites and operators of MHFs to carry out a thorough risk assessment to identify, eliminate or control hazards and risks at the site.

Clauses 361 and 557 of the WHS Reg have specific requirements in relation to Hazardous Chemicals (listed in Schedule 11 of the WHS Reg) and materials used, stored or handled at MHF's (listed in Schedule 15 of the WHS Reg).

The MFS and CFS recommend that a whole of site approach to the development of a comprehensive Emergency Plan is adopted. The Emergency Plan should be developed using the site risk assessment as a basis for determining what is required for inclusion in the plan.

To assist operators and licence holders in developing a comprehensive emergency plan, the MFS and CFS have also developed a general emergency plan guideline (Emergency Plans at Facilities having Notifiable Quantities of Hazardous Chemicals and Major Hazard Facilities, MFS Special Risks Department Guideline No. 001).

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In an Emergency

Dial 000 or text 106 in an emergency

Out and About

Kingdom of Tonga
Fire & Emergency Service
Sustainable Development Program

MFS Image - 2015-06-12 Tongan Ministerial reception
Minister for Emergency Services, 
Hon Tony Piccolo MP, 
with Tonga Fire & Emergency Service,
MFS and SAPOL personnel 

Six firefighters and one Police Officer from the Kingdom of Tonga have visited South Australia during June as part of a Sustainable Development Program in association with the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS).

During this visit the Tongan personnel have been involved in a range of training activities including Breathing Apparatus Training, Incident Management training, cliff rescue rope training and drills, Urban Search and Rescue theory and training and Fire Cause Investigation training. They have also visited the Sampson Flat fireground and spent time with CFS personnel at the Brukunga training facility.

The MFS has worked with the Tonga Fire and Emergency Service (TFES) since 2003 with the aim of improving fire and emergency service provision in Tonga as part of a broader Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council's (AFAC) commitment to provide support to South Pacific Island Nations. 

Whilst Tonga is one of the poorest Nations in the world, there has been a considerable improvement in service delivery by the TFES since the commencement of the program which has had a positive effect on the Tongan community. 

Further, advice and assistance has been provided to TFES mechanics by the MFS engineering section in regards to the maintenance and repairs for appliances donated to the TFES.

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