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2018 Australia Day Honours

Two outstanding South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) firefighters have been awarded the Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM) in the 2018 Australia Day Honours.

MFS Image - ACFO Paul Fletcher 

MFS Assistant Chief Fire Officer,
Paul Fletcher

MFS Image - RSO John McNaughton

MFS Retained Station Officer,
John McNaughton

Congratulations to Assistant Chief Fire Officer Paul Fletcher and Retained Station Officer John McNaughton on receiving one of the highest honours an Australian Firefighter can receive. [More here]

Feature Videos

Be vigilant when using clothes dryers to reduce the chance of the dryer catching on fire.


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Hazardous Chemicals Storage

Do you have a worksite with a notifiable quantity of hazardous chemicals? (Notifiable quantity in relation to notifying Safework SA).

If you do, then you're required to create an emergency plan and submit a copy to the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) or South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS).

The South Australian Work Health and Safety Regulators (WHS Reg), requires employers, controllers of premises, occupiers of Dangerous Goods sites and operators of MHFs to carry out a thorough risk assessment to identify, eliminate or control hazards and risks at the site.

To assist operators and licence holders in developing a comprehensive emergency plan, the MFS and CFS have also developed a general emergency plan guideline (Emergency Plans at Facilities having Notifiable Quantities of Hazardous Chemicals and Major Hazard Facilities, MFS Special Risks Department Guideline No. 001).

Click here for more information.

In an Emergency

Call Triple Zero in an emergency. Clicking this link will take you to a page with information on how Triple Zero works and when to use it. 106 is the Australian text-based emergency service number. Clicking this link will take you to the Relay Service website with information about 106 Text Emergency Services. It will open in a new tab or window.
Call 1300 362 361 for the latest information on bushfires from the South Australian Country Fire Service.  


Out and About

MFS Health and Wellbeing Study

2018-02-02 MFS Health Wellbeing Launch Photo

The Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS), in conjunction with the University of Adelaide, has conducted a landmark study into the mental and physical health of its firefighters.

The MFS commissioned the study to help it better support firefighters’ health from recruitment through to retirement years. [More here…]

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