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Road safety is everyone's responsibility!

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Two Roads

Inspired by RAP, musician and song writer Sean Robertson together with Michael Hill co-wrote the road safety song Two Roads

Sean and his band Faint Praise released and performed the song at the Adelaide Fire Station on 1 November 2015.



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MFS Firefighters awarded Australia Day Honours

Two South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) firefighters have been awarded the Australian Fire Service Medal (AFSM) in the 2016 Australia Day Honours.

The AFSM is one of the highest honours an Australian firefighter can receive. It is awarded in recognition of distinguished service by a member of an Australian fire service and in particular, for contributions made above and beyond normal duties and responsibilities.

Station Officer Adrienne Clarke and Senior Firefighter Scott Roger's commitment and dedication, not only to the MFS but their contribution to the community at large made their nomination an easy decision.

MFS Image - 2016 AFSM Recipients

Station Officer Clarke's enthusiasm for the profession of firefighting and her dedication to and active involvement in numerous committees, employee services and especially children's charities, has not only benefited the MFS, but also fellow firefighters of all ranks and the community of South Australia.

Station Officer Clarke is the first female MFS firefighter to receive this honour. During her 28 years' service she has dedicated her time to progressing firefighter's wellbeing and advancing the roles of females in the Fire Service.

Senior Firefighter Roger's nomination came about as a result of his selfless devotion to duty, commitment to the Fire Service and the community and his untiring work in a plethora of tasks and volunteer work.

Senior Firefighter Rogers involvement in organising and participating in the Mother's Day Classic event each year has ensured the advance of research and treatment not only for those diagnosed with Breast Cancer, their families and support networks, but also fellow firefighters of all ranks and the community of South Australia.

The MFS is pleased that the efforts and commitment of these two MFS firefighters have been recognised through the Australia Day Honours system. This accolade shines the spotlight on the emergency services sector, highlighting the integrity and virtues of our personnel.

Station Officer Clarke and Senior Firefighter Rogers will be presented with their AFSM at a ceremony later in the year.

Hazardous Chemicals Storage

Do you have a site with a notifiable quantity of hazardous chemicals? (Notifiable quantity in relation to notifying Safework SA).

If you do, then you are required to create an emergency plan and submit a copy to the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) or South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS).

The South Australian Work Health and Safety Regulators (WHS Reg), requires employers, controllers of premises, occupiers of Dangerous Goods sites and operators of MHFs to carry out a thorough risk assessment to identify, eliminate or control hazards and risks at the site.

Clauses 361 and 557 of the WHS Reg have specific requirements in relation to Hazardous Chemicals (listed in Schedule 11 of the WHS Reg) and materials used, stored or handled at MHF's (listed in Schedule 15 of the WHS Reg).

The MFS and CFS recommend that a whole of site approach to the development of a comprehensive Emergency Plan is adopted. The Emergency Plan should be developed using the site risk assessment as a basis for determining what is required for inclusion in the plan.

To assist operators and licence holders in developing a comprehensive emergency plan, the MFS and CFS have also developed a general emergency plan guideline (Emergency Plans at Facilities having Notifiable Quantities of Hazardous Chemicals and Major Hazard Facilities, MFS Special Risks Department Guideline No. 001).

Click here for more information.

In an Emergency

Call Triple Zero in an emergency. Clicking this link will take you to a page with information on how Triple Zero works and when to use it.106 is the Australian text-based emergency service number. Clicking this link will take you to the Relay Service website with information about 106 Text Emergency Services. It will open in a new tab or window.
Clicking this link will take you to the Alert SA website, which provides access to official, real-time event and warning information in South Australia. This link will open in a new tab or window.Call 1300 362 361 for the latest information on bushfires from the South Australian Country Fire Service.


Out and About

That's what families do!

When you join the fire service, you join a family with no borders and no boundaries. Your family now includes colleagues at stations and brigades both locally, nationally and internationally. So when a call was put out via the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) for 62 qualified Incident Management Team (IMT) personnel to support our colleagues in the West working on the Waroona fire the MFS was not shy to respond.

South Australia provided 13 personnel from CFS, DEWNR, SES and our own ranks here at the MFS.

The MFS personnel and roles included Commander Scott Thompson (Deputy Incident Controller), Station Officer Andrew Geytenbeek (Sector Commander), Station Officer Garrick Lehmann (Sector Commander) and Senior Firefighter Craig Ford (Logistics Officer).

What families do - WA trip - kangaroo rescue

The group flew to Perth late Tuesday and were briefed on Wednesday morning before being transported to their accommodation base at Boddington Mine Camp. The deployment was split into three groups, some remaining in Perth to provide some local resources should additional fires start, some started night shift Wednesday night at the Waroona Incident Control Centre (ICC) with the remaining personnel placed on day shift Thursday morning at the Waroona ICC.

The day-shift worked from Thursday to Sunday and were welcomed by the local IMT. The SA members stepped up after a day of acclimatisation into the WA systems and procedures. At the completion of our deployment, the fire was downgraded from a Level 3 incident to a Level 2 incident and handed back to local control.

Many of us were able to tour the devastated town of Yarloop during the deployment where more than half of all homes were razed. We met with the local community and were able to hear their stories and were impressed by the community spirit and the determination to rebuild the town. It will be a long recovery process for the Yarloop community.

What families do - WA trip - kangaroo rescue

On completion of the final day on the Sunday, a kangaroo was found on the side of the road in a distressed state. After a quick look over it appeared to be uninjured but dehydrated. After gaining its trust we were able to get it to drink two bottles of water. A call was made to the RSPCA on its location, who were then able to look after its welfare.

Our time in WA came to an end on Monday with the bus ride to the airport going through heavy falls of rain. Hopefully it was widespread over the fireground to ensure that it was safe for the locals and our WA colleagues and extended family to have that long deserved rest.

MFS Commander Scott Thompson

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