Teachers' Resources

Teacher's Resources

Welcome to the teacher's resources page. This page will be updated in the near future with additional materials for teaching home fire and life safety to children of all ages.

2018 Annual Schools Fire Safety Competition

The 2018 Schools Fire Safety Competition is now closed and winning entries were judged by the public attending the MFS Annual Open Day in November 2018.

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) is committed to promoting fire safety practices in homes, in workplaces, in schools and in communities. Simple home fire safety messages directed to children are an effective way of establishing the pattern for a lifetime of fire safety.

For this reason each year we ask teachers from Primary and Junior Primary Schools throughout the state to incorporate the MFS Fire Safety Competition into their term 3 or early term 4 curriculum.

At the core of the competition is the teaching of some basic home fire safety messages - Fire Safety Teaching Notes (PDF 50KB).

There are 2 different strands to the competition – The Poster Competition (PDF 275KB) and The Multimedia Competition (PDF 314KB). 

Both competitions have great prizes!

  • In the Poster Competition Premier Art Supplies are our sponsors for the third year in a row. There will be one $40 Premier Art Supplies voucher awarded to a student from each year level – Reception to Year 7.
  • In the Multimedia Competition there will be up to eight $100 Dymocks vouchers to be won as class prizes. Dymocks Rundle Mall have been a proud supporter of the Fire Safety Competition for 15 years and we thank them for their ongoing support.


Winning poster entries are displayed below and in the DECD Gallery, 31 Flinders Street, Adelaide between Monday 28 January and Friday 22 March 2019.


MFS Image - 2018 Reception winner Tommy and Libby

Year One

MFS Image - 2018 Year 1 winner Jesse

Year Two

MFS Image - 2018 Year 2 winner Ethan

Year Three

MFS Image - 2018 Year 3 winner Farriz

Year Four

MFS Image - 2018 Year 4 winners Naomi and Yuna

Year Five

MFS Image - 2018 Year 5 winner Anna

Year Six

MFS Image - 2018 Year 6 winner Tiffany

Year Seven

MFS Image - 2018 Year 7 winner Jacob

Teachers' Resources

Colouring In Posters

Family Fire Safety Checklist (PDF 326KB)

Fire Safety Posters for Display


Colouring In Posters

The MFS provides these PDF files for you to download and copy for your class to colour in.


MFS Image - Colouring In Poster 1 Year R-2 MFS Image - Colouring In Poster 2 Year R-2 MFS Image - Colouring In Poster 3 Year 3-5

Good Fires

(PDF 217KB)

Bad Fires

(PDF 205KB)

Matches & Lighters are
Tools Not Toys!

(PDF 201KB)


MFS Image - Colouring In Poster 4 Year 3-5 MFS Image - Colouring In Poster 5 Year 6-9 MFS Image - Colouring In Poster 6 Year 6-9

In an Emergency Phone 000

(PDF 198KB)

When the Room Fills with Smoke, Get down low and go, go, go!

(PDF 186KB)

When your clothes catch on fire, stop, cover, drop & roll!

(PDF 209KB)


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Fire Safety Posters for Display 

The MFS provides these PDF files for you to download and display in your classroom.

MFS Image - Good Fires Colour Poster MFS Image - Bad Fires Colour Poster MFS Image - Phone 000 Colour Poster

Good Fires Colour Poster

(PDF 1,028KB)

Bad Fires Colour Poster

(PDF 901KB)

Phone 000

(PDF 782KB)

MFS Image - Matches & Lighters Colour Poster  MFS Image - Get Down Low Colour Poster  MFS Image - Smoke Alarms Colour Poster

Matches & Lighters are Tools not Toys!

(PDF 1,089KB) 

Get Down Low & Go Go Go! 

(PDF 857KB)

Smoke Alarms Save Lives 

(PDF 940KB)

 MFS Image - Get Out Stay Out Colour Poster  MFS Image - Stop Cover Drop & Roll Colour Poster  

Get out and Stay out!

(PDF 1,053KB)

Stop Cover Drop & Roll

(PDF 958KB)



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