Road Awareness Program - RAP

What is RAP?

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) Road Awareness Program (RAP) is a powerful presentation aimed at educating students in road awareness. 

RAP targets license-aged drivers and road users at secondary schools across South Australia.

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MFS Firefighters present an emotional, hard-hitting, Road Awareness Program, taking students on a journey to discover the risks drivers choose and the consequences they have no control over. The message is: 'Through Concentration and Commonsense, almost all road crashes are avoidable.' 

Firefighters discuss:

MFS Graphic - RAP post it dot point decision making   MFS Graphic - RAP post it dot point being a responsible driver
MFS Graphic - RAP post it dot point choices   MFS Graphic - RAP post it dot point being a safe passenger
MFS Graphic - RAP post it dot point risk taking   MFS Graphic - RAP post it dot point being a safe pedestrian
MFS Graphic - RAP post it dot point attitudes and generational change   MFS Graphic - RAP post it dot point looking after our mates!

Before the student takes part in the RAP a Parent/Caregiver Consent Form is provided, explaining the program.

Students learn that road safety is their responsibility and get a clear understanding of the consequences of their actions in relation to road safety choices. 

During the 100 minute presentation, students are given a hard-hitting, realistic insight into road crash trauma including vision of real crashes and real victims.

Firefighters also address the lasting trauma from injuries and fatalities, including the on-going effects for survivors.

A student resource package is provided to the students at the end of the program which incorporates an evaluation form, a Parent-Young Person Safe Driving Agreement and a Peer Group Road Safety Agreement to take home and discuss with their families.

Road Crash Survivor

RAP has several road crash survivors who share their stories during the presentation giving the students a personal insight into the immediate and ongoing consequences of poor decision making.

The road crash survivors provide inspiration for students to become responsible drivers.

What is the cost?

The RAP is offered free of charge to your school by MFS firefighters and road crash survivors.

How can your school apply?

Please contact the MFS Community Safety and Resilience Department to enquire about booking the RAP for your school either by

phone                 8204 3611

country callers    1300 737 637



For further information, download the Road Awareness Program (RAP) - Information Sheet (PDF, 192 KB). 



Many students have expressed appreciation for the RAP. Some examples are below:

'I am determined to be a safe driver now and am going to be a positive influence when driving with friends.' Hallett Cove R - 12 School

'Thank you! You have probably saved my life.'  Port Lincoln High School

'Extremely eye-opening and life changing.  Hard to say anybody will leave today unaffected by the presentation.'  St Michaels College 

'Literally - Life changing.'  Sacred Heart College

'I cannot believe anyone would even consider being a stupid driver on the roads after they have seen this presentation.'  Seaview High School


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