Vehicle Fires

What if the car catches fire? Follow these simple steps.

  1. Stop the vehicle
  2. Turn off ignition
  3. Evacuate car, shut doors and keep area clear
  4. Call Fire Service or ensure someone else does
  5. If it is SAFE and you are confident:
    • If LPG powered - turn off main supply valve (familiarise yourself with its location)
    • If extinguisher available - attempt to extinguish fire with extreme caution
      • If fire under bonnet - release bonnet catch only. Do not lift bonnet as rush of air could cause flare-up resulting in serious burns. Discharge contents of extinguisher through bonnet gap.
      • If fire in cabin - then discharge contents of extinguisher into cabin directly on fire and close door.
        Important - Smoke from burning plastics contains many toxic substances.
        Avoid breathing smoke at all costs.
  6. When fire has been extinguished:
    • Do not drive car until checked by auto electrician or qualified mechanic.


Download the PDF English version of this Home Fire Safety Information Sheet

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