Extinguishing a Fire

Extinguishing a Fire

Portable fire extinguishers, fire blankets and water, such as from a hose permanently connected to the garden tap, provide quick and efficient methods of controlling a small fire.

Fire extinguishers should only be used on small fires. The evacuation of other people from the area should be completed before attempting extinguishment.

Ensure you do not put your life at risk when extinguishing a fire!

For cars, caravans and boats, the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) recommends a Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 1A:20B:(E). For the home kitchen a Dry Chemical Powder extinguisher with a minimum rating of 5B:(E) is recommended. Care should be exercised in the use of this extinguisher as the expelled powder may impair your view of the fire and the surrounding area and inhaling the powder may cause breathing difficulty. When used on flammable liquid fires the discharge should not be directed at the liquid, which could be displaced thus spreading the fire, but at the flames above the liquid surface.

A fire blanket is recommended for use on cooking fires.

All fire extinguishers should be stored near an exit, away from the potential hazard.

Use a fire extinguisher ONLY if:

  • you know that the extinguisher is suitable for use on the flammable materials involved in the fire
  • you have considered whether electricity is possibly involved and, if so, that the available extinguishing agent is non-conducting
  • you can extinguish the fire quickly
  • you are not putting your life at risk by staying in the vicinity of the fire
  • all other persons have been evacuated from the area.

Download the PDF English version of this Home Fire Safety Information Sheet. (PDF 36KB)

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