• Community Safety

Community Safety

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) seeks to reduce risk of fire and other emergencies by providing preventative and risk mitigation services.

South Australia is a national leader in implementing new initiatives in home fire safety. We were among the first in the country to ensure homes became safer with the introduction of legislation governing compulsory smoke alarm installation. The Smoke Alarm Retirement Campaign was launched in 2010 by the MFS informing householders that smoke alarms older than 10 years become unreliable and should be replaced.

The MFS supports the delivery of Prevention programs and initiatives to the South Australian community. Our firefighters spend considerable time familiarising themselves with potential risks within their local areas and assist in the delivery of educational programs at schools and local community centres. Firefighters also visit and inspect public places including shops and restaurants to ensure these buildings are compliant with safety standards.

The Community Safety & Resilience Department provides education to identified high risk groups, investigates the causes of fires, provides commentary on building development proposals, undertakes building surveys and the commissioning of building fire safety systems. The preventative work undertaken by this department supports the State's strategic objective of 'Improving Wellbeing'.